8th European Rodmakers Gathering

21th - 23th October 2016, Haus des Schweizer Rudersports, 6060 Sarnen, Switzerland

Earlier rodmakers gatherings

Rodmakers Gatherings in Europe

Unlike the US, we’ve only had regular Rodbuuilding Gatherings here in Europe since roughly 2004, so we have some catching up to do. The first official gathering in Europe was organized by Italian rodmakers and in 2005 we dedicated ourselves to creating a Swiss Rodmakers gathering and opening it to European rodmaking community. The rest is history!    

European Bamboo Rodmarkers Gathering


11 to 13 october 2019 in 39040 Ratschings/Mareit

Schloss Wolfsthurn, Mareit, 11. - 13. Oktober 2019

Beurteilung der Wurfeigenschaften verschiedener Fliegenruten

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