8th European Rodmakers Gathering

21th - 23th October 2016, Haus des Schweizer Rudersports, 6060 Sarnen, Switzerland

Project Taperdatabase

„The Rod Comparison“ – This is how it works:

Thanks to the internet, we have hundreds of different tapers to choose from. We all know how to read a taper on paper, but let’s be honest, most of us have no idea how these numbers translate to real world situations, and what properties hide behind the numbers and the stress curves.

·       How does the rod cast? What’s the action like?

·       Is it fast? Slow?

·       Parabolic? Semi-parabolic?

·       Best for light or heavy flies?

·       What sort of water is it best for?

·       How does it cast up close? At distance?

There are many of these tapers that we wouldn’t build for one reason or another..the name of the rodbuilder, or because the characteristics of similar models weren’t those that we were hoping for, but somewhere in there, among all those possibilities, we might overlook our dream rod.

Let’s try a big experiment!

Gespliesste.ch, as the organizer of this event, will provide a large collection of different tapers in the most popular lengths (7-8 feet) and line classes (3-6). Most of the tapers are available in the internet, but without much further detailed information.

We’d like to invite all the rodbuilders to build one, maybe even two of the rods on the following list and bring them to the event in October.

All participants will be able cast these different tapers and form their own opinions as to the characteristics of these rods, and these characteristics will be noted and collected to form a database.

In order to keep the evaluation as objective as possible, we assembled a team of casting experts. These are:

Christopher Rownes

Mathias Meyer

Werner Glanzmann

Rolf Bünter

They’re all experienced casting instructors and will cast and evaluate each and every rod and note their impressions using a basic scale. This data will then be published on our website. If we do this every year for the next few years, we will be able to build an unmatched database that’s far more than just a collection of numbers and stress curves.

Our goal is to establish a taper database with all the important information and characteristics of a rod in just a few short years.

How it works:

Out of the list of tapers on our website, each rodbuilder can choose one (or more) available tapers to build. This choice will be noted on the website and we’ll continuously update the list of which rods are being built and which are still available to choose from.There shouldn’t be more than two examples of the same rod built for for the gathering.

Everyone can build the taper to their own preferences. Flamed or not, wrap style and color, reel seat, grip, etc. remains up the rodbuilder, and the rod remains the property of the builder. How the rod is built will not be judged, we’ll only be judging the casting characteristics.

The complete list of tapers from the website will be made available as a PDF download. After the gathering and the evaluations we’ll all have a collections of tapers with a description of their casting characteristics. The resulting collection of tapers will be an informative and valuable tool on choosing which rod to build.


Let's start the experiment, we look forward to see the results 

To the taper list

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