8th European Rodmakers Gathering

21th - 23th October 2016, Haus des Schweizer Rudersports, 6060 Sarnen, Switzerland


Types of Ferrules

Sleeve-Spigot Carbon-Fiber Ferrules
Tim Anderson (USA)

Tim showed us a new, visually attractive ferrule concept out of Carbon Fiber. An evolved version of an idea from the 80’s, then used by Pezon&Michel, among others. 

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The fly line. How much do you really know?
Mauro Misteli (CH)

Countless varieties of fly lines are available. Are these technological leaps forwards or simply marketing ideas?

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Physical Properties of Bamboo

Heat treating and the physical properties of bamboo?
Peer Doering-Arjes (D)

What effect does the correct temperature have on the characteristics of bamboo? What criteria does an oven need to meet?

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The Letters to Everett Garrison

The Letters to Everett Garrison
Kathy Scott (USA)

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Catskill Fly Fishing Center and Museum


Bamboo Rodmaking Class
Catskill Fly Fishing Center and Museum

David van Burgel (USA)


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European Bamboo Rodmarkers Gathering


11 to 13 october 2019 in 39040 Ratschings/Mareit

Schloss Wolfsthurn, Mareit, 11. - 13. Oktober 2019

Beurteilung der Wurfeigenschaften verschiedener Fliegenruten

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