8th European Rodmakers Gathering

21th - 23th October 2016, Haus des Schweizer Rudersports, 6060 Sarnen, Switzerland

Philipp Sicher

Philipp Sicher

Altdorf, Uri


Webseite: www.bambusruten.ch


The Summer of 1980. Scotland, the River Spey. This is where the origins of my obsession with bamboo lie. Perhaps it was due to the generosity of the English gentlemen who allowed my wife and I, at the time both inexperienced with Salmon fishing, to fish his pool….perhaps it was the bamboo rod he was fishing, or perhaps it was our visit to Partridge in Redditch, who still built bamboo rods at the time… we never did catch a Salmon out of that pool. Perhaps it was because we weren’t fishing bamboo?

My obsession with bamboo hasn’t let up since. If anything, it’s gotten worse. What was once a hobby is now a passion, a passion that is sorely needed to balance out my everyday job as the Secretary of the Swiss fishing association.

My collection of bamboo rods has grown into a shrine of sorts, and I have this collection of both old and new masterpieces to thank for new ideas and inspiration for my own projects. I pass countless hours in my workshop experimenting and trying out new methods, be it Quad, Penta, Hepta, or Octa rods, or using my Morgan Hand Mill to build bamboo ferrules.

As an aside, on our last trip to the river Spey in 2013 we’re happy to say we enjoyed success….with a bamboo rod, of course…

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